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Vida inteligente dentro da Terra


Hello! Please, let me explain to you what the Mundo Afora podcast is.

My podcast follows the opposite route of usual interviews. I want to let unknown people to answer the questions not asked to them. That’s not another talk show. We are a life-show.

My intend is to give opportunity to people around the world, who have relevant content in order to share their lifetime experiences and culture with other. Through a conversation we would discuss some topics like a radio talk show.

I look for people on culture exchange websites whose profile seems to be interesting.

And if you are reading this, so is yours.


It is like a radio talk show. There is a host, guests and a subject.
There are interviews in Brazilian Portuguese language and in English language.


My name is Erlan Tostes. I live in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia. I’m married and I have a beautiful daughter.
I’m a system analyst and a baptist seminarist, a future theologian.
I started this project because I believe there’s intelligent life here on Earth, and I hope you help me to find it.


Of course you can! We are on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Google Podcasts. Most of the episodes were spoken in Brazilian Portuguese, although there are these ones that you can listen and understand because the language spoken is English: